Debra Dimas

Educator for 26 years. Currently teaching Integrated Science, Chemistry, and various levels of Physics ranging from Conceptual Physics to AP Physics 2. Currently the advisor to her school’s FIRST robotics team and Interact Club. Became an Ignited Coach to support fellow teachers.

Fellowship Location

“I held two Summer Fellowships at IBM where I experimented on the lap shear strength of O-rings used in computer hard drives using an INSTRON machine and performed thermal analysis on temperatures effects on adhesives used in hard drives. I’m currently a Coach supporting teacher fellows in their fellowships.”

“The organization gave me a chance to experience real science and what skills my students need to learn. It changed my approach to teaching realizing that student learning happens more when students are doing than when students are listening. I have added more inquiry-based activities which the students enjoy and allows them to have real experiences on which to attach new knowledge.”