Keith Guernsey

Educator for 11 years. Currently teaching math and science at public elementary schools.

Fellowship Location
Lockheed Martin and EMC Corporation

“At both Lockheed Martin and EMC, I had the opportunity to update my workforce skills, be part of very talented and supportive teams, and became knowledgeable with relevant information regarding the tech industry.”

“The experiences that I’ve had through the organizations have helped me to progress as an educator in math and science. I am now much more driven to provide engaging and relevant experiences for my students. I've been inspired to release myself from traditional methods of teaching and provide my students with more engaging and relevant activities. A 5th grade student started my class thinking she was not a good student. During the past school year, she turned out to be one of the most scientific thinkers in my classroom. She became intensely interested in the science activities that we were doing. I saw her change from someone disinterested in learning to a student with a love of learning, and confidence in her abilities.”