CTE Projects

Career Technical Education is built on a framework of career pathways that develop the skills students need to enter the workforce successfully. There are many ways to strengthen these pathways, and we’re investigating multiple projects with school districts and other nonprofits to enhance and improve CTE pathways and programs.

Connecting more companies to existing CTE programs

Industry engagement in CTE is a critical, but often missing, component to the success of school programs. Our work with local schools and districts focuses on getting more companies engaged and actively participating in their programs.

Strengthening each career pathway

Career awareness starts early, many times in middle school, so building a strong middle school career mindset prepares students for high school CTE pathways. Projects are being proposed in this area for multiple school districts.

Opening opportunities to all students

Some industry sectors and career pathways traditionally receive less interest from girls and diverse communities. All of our projects strive to build greater awareness and open access to these careers for all students.

CTE programs are the most effective when educators, companies, nonprofits, and funders work together. Through these ongoing partnerships and new projects, we’re creating a stronger, skilled, and more diverse workforce.

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