StepUP – Diversity and Equity Projects

Currently, three StepUp Projects are funded and operating, each with a different focus and set of benefits for underserved students. All of them illustrate the power of educators, companies, nonprofits, and funders working together on large-scale, systemic changes.

Genentech – Data science and synthetic biology

This project develops data science and synthetic biology content for over 8,000 low-income and BIPOC students, provides teacher training, and connects students with a diverse group of role models from these professions

San Mateo County Office of Education – Middle school Career Technical Education

This project designs and delivers STEM-focused CTE content for middle school students in San Mateo. Teachers are supported with innovative professional development, communities of practice, and classroom equipment

Palo Alto Unified – Industry engagement in existing CTE pathways

This project connects more companies to PAUSD classrooms, attracts more first-time volunteers from companies, increases student knowledge and interest in companies, and supports student transitions to community college

With company, foundation, and school partners, we’re actively creating new StepUP projects that break down systemic barriers holding back underserved students and open new doors to life-changing career opportunities.

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