Career Role Models Program

Without professional role models in their immediate families, kids from low-income communities never see the wide range of opportunities that may be possible for their careers. Your company can have a huge impact in their lives by inspiring them to examine and explore new career paths. Professionals visiting classrooms, participating in activities, and sharing their career stories is often the catalyst for that exploration.

That’s why Ignited has built a simple program to help you identify, train, and bring your company professionals into classrooms as role models and company ambassadors. The program has three main elements:

Career awareness gaps identified

We work with teachers to identify 5-6 careers associated with the subjects they teach. Then we connect teachers to employees from your diversity, employee resource, and affinity groups so they can visit classrooms as career role models.

Experiences linked to lesson plans

Your employees will help students link specific jobs to the classroom subject or concept they’re studying. Employees work on activities with students, share stories about their careers, and bring other resources or team members as needed.

A simple structure for employees

Each employee who supports teachers and students follows a simple structure and is prepared with specific actions before they join a class (in person or virtually).

As relationships develop, teachers and employees collaborate on new ideas, activities, experiments, and projects. That increases satisfaction with volunteer experiences and keeps your employees engaged and contributing to student successes. Download the one-page program overview to learn more.



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