Theory of Change

Our programs are guided by a dynamic theory of change. This framework focuses us on the urgent need to break down systemic barriers preventing equal opportunity in education. It also guides how we serve student populations such as girls, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, low-income, and other people of color.

We’re grateful for the partnership of some amazing nonprofit leaders, including Justin Sewell at the Krause Center for Innovation, who mapped out this shared theory of change. It shapes our work together on several exciting initiatives.

Our Theory of Change covers methods to:

Bridge cultural differences

Learn about students’ cultures

Develop lessons, content, and activities that reflect students’ backgrounds and experiences

Design teaching approaches for various learning styles and language proficiency

Develop your diverse


Create a unique program for your next generation of diverse leaders

Coach your career

Role Models

Identify and train your company and career ambassadors

Develop your


Build teamwork with hands-on, collaborative Summer Projects