Dave Finn

Project Executive in the Operations Department for 13 years

Blach Construction

Summer Project
"Our teacher worked with a team who managed a summer modernization on a school site, mainly focused on HVAC and roofing work. It was a very quick summer project that had an incredibly tight time frame in order to be completed before the students came back to school. She also helped our Vice President of Preconstruction Services with a special project and she did an amazing job with that as well."

"Our teacher was so surprised about all the different career opportunities in construction, and specifically career opportunities for females in construction. She was a member of our team and contributed every day to our success as a company over the summer. The value in the program is so obvious by seeing how well the summer went with her on the Blach team. We ended up with a teacher who was a perfect fit for our company and we feel very lucky."

“I love that our teacher could take the lessons she learned over the summer and transform them into a project-based activity for her students.”