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To connect underserved students with amazing career opportunities, Ignited provides a simple engagement plan that can be implemented by any team inside a company.

Step 1: Build awareness with a Company Experience Week – Our short introductory program helps teachers understand your company, learn about key roles, and prepare for career discussions with their students.

Step 2: Deepen understanding with Teacher Summer Experiences – Our 8-week immersive experience brings teachers to work at your company for the summer. They complete real, hands-on projects defined by your teams and gain a deeper understanding of your company and key careers. Teachers also create a formal lesson plan to share each experience with their students.

Step 3: Close diversity and equity gaps with StepUP – Our newest program is a powerhouse for underserved students. We create industry-critical content that’s not being taught in middle and high schools today and provide training for large groups of teachers to deliver the content. Employees become role models by visiting classrooms, leading cool activities, and sharing career experiences with students.

And, for companies ready to explore an enterprise-wide diversity solution, we also offer a Diversity Leadership Development Program (DLDP) – a one-year rotational program built for your next Directors, Senior Directors, and VPs.

Company Experience


Step 1: A short introductory program

Teacher Summer


Step 2: Teacher projects at your company

Diversity and equity with


Step 3: A powerful new program