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Only 9% of workers in STEM fields are Black and only 8% are Hispanic. Opportunity is not distributed equally and a whole group of high-potential students are missing out on a new generation of well-paying careers. We provide three programs to close these gaps:

Company Experience Weeks – This week-long set of activities is easy to implement and builds a deeper understanding of your company and key roles.

Summer Projects – Teachers get an amazing experience by working at your company for the summer and completing real, hands-on projects with your teams that they bring back to their students.

The StepUp Career Awareness Platform Grow and diversify your workforce across 10 advanced technology and science careers.

To learn more, download our program overview or set up a 30-minute call.

Company Experience


Increase awareness of critical careers

Collaborative Summer


Projects at your company for teachers

StepUP Career


Grow and diversity your workforce