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Ignited’s Learning Community offers regular opportunities for teachers to meet directly with industry professionals to learn about their careers and to explore strategies to bring industry into their classrooms. Join us for topics from electric vehicles and semiconductors to water stewardship and biotechnology! We meet monthly on Zoom from 5-6pm (PST) during the week. Sign up to be notified of scheduled events.




September 21, 2023

  • Cybersecurity
  • Biotechnology
Demystifying Careers in Industry: Bioinformatics 

What does it really take to confidently work in industry today? Through the lens of his work in bioinformatics, Atet Kao takes us on a journey to demystify the actual skills needed by industry professionals, and Svea Anderson helps us directly connect this to our classrooms.

Industry Leader: Atet Kao 
Teacher Leader: Svea Anderson

October 5, 2023

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Environmental
Realities of Electric Vehicles with Miss GoElectric 

Laycee, AKA Miss GoElectric, discusses how a mindset change around transportation is coupled with new technologies for a positive environmental and social impact. We’ll also find ways we can implement these ideas into our classrooms with hands-on kits available from RAFT.

Industry Leader: Laycee AKA Miss GoElectric
Teacher Leader: Chase Davenport with RAFT

October 18, 2023

  • Semiconductors
  • Cybersecurity
Unlocking the Semiconductor
Industry – Career Pathways

The CHIPS Act is opening doors to jobs in the semiconductor industry for early talent. From mobile computing and machine learning to supply chain security, we’ll explore what it takes to enter this growing industry with Nader Sehatbakhsh. Lessons we can implement immediately in our classroom that connect students to the skills needed for these jobs will be shared by Jenny Chin.

Industry Leader: Nader Sehatbakhsh
Teacher Leader: Jenny Chin


Teachers Rave about the Learning Community!

“I like to bake but I don’t make a decision about what to bake based on the recipe; I make a decision based on the reviews because I only have two hours to make something happen and I don’t want a bad experience. That’s how I feel about the professional development. Hearing from a teacher with real students in a real classroom and what did and didn’t work for them is kind of like a recipe review for me.”

“I liked hearing the researchers share about their work demands and experience in the lab. I also liked that they were helping us find ways to apply those real life biotech lab skills for our students in the classroom.”

“This PD provided great insight into how students and teachers could begin their journey into cybersecurity proficiency, and also about related career aspects that this field holds. I really enjoyed this!”


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