Areas of key support

Help us reach more underserved students

$18,000 – Support a Teacher Summer Experience

Fund a transformative experience in a company, university research lab, or nonprofit

$20,000 – Sponsor a coach

Sponsor a veteran teacher to develop lesson plans with all the teachers participating in our Summer Projects

$50,000 – Build a Career Experience Week

Build an experience for teachers to learn about a new industry. You support a week-long experience with teachers who bring those experiences and ideas back to their classrooms. Our Career Experience Weeks are a powerful starting point for students to learn about a company and industry. One session supports 10 teachers and reaches approximately 1,500 students

$90,000 – Fund a StepUP project

For $20 each, you can support 30 teachers and 4,500 underserved students learning about careers in data science, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, or other hot industry topics not taught today in middle and high schools.



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Fund a Teacher Summer


Fund a transformative experience for teachers and students

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