Teacher Summer Experience Program

Our 35-year flagship program connects teachers to your teams to work on hands-on projects that you define. Employees can build and enhance their skills in project management, communications, goal setting, and managing diverse perspectives.

See a sample of Summer Projects from previous years, meet some Project Leaders, read teacher stories, or learn about our impact.

It’s easy to get started…

  • You identify Project Leaders at your company and Ignited works with them to create brief project descriptions.

  • Ignited helps match teachers to teams. Project Leaders interview teachers and choose the best fit.

  • Teachers work on your projects virtually or in-person for eight weeks during the summer, actively collaborating with your teams.

  • Teachers develop lesson plans based on your Summer Projects to share with their students.

After the summer, your employees can stay engaged with teachers and volunteer in classrooms (virtually or in-person) for a variety of school activities. They become role models for students and brand ambassadors for your company. Most companies host 3-4 Summer Projects per year for their teams and you can see examples from previous years in our Guide to Virtual Summer Projects or learn more with the one-page program overview.

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